Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496

 Elective Officers 2016


Worshipful Master: Richard Hess (Acting)

Senior Warden: Richard Hess

Junior Warden: Steven K. Dochter, P.M.

Treasurer: Glenn W. Henry, P.M.

Secretary: Bruce H. Jackson, P.M.

Trustees: Richard J. Spangler, P.M., Michael Wilson, Donald Erb

Representative in the Grand Lodge: Jonathan M. Welch, P.M.

Substitute Representative in the Grand Lodge: James W. Stevenson, P.M.

Representative to the PA Masonic Youth Foundation: Mahlon W. Lineaweaver

Appointed Officers

Senior Deacon:Christopher Wolf

Junior Deacon: Richard Altricher

Senior Master of Ceremonies: Steven E. Hambleton

Junior Master of Ceremonies: Matthew Fasnacht

Pursuivant: Nicholas Genovese

Tyler: Joe LoCurto

Chaplains: Ryan L. Lawrence

Committee on Grievance

Glenn Henry, P.M., Richard J. Spangler, P.M. 

Committee on Masonic Education

Chairman Steven K. Dochter, P.M.

Committee on Proficiency

James W. Stevenson, P.M., Glenn W. Warfel, P.M., Steven K. Dochter, P.M.

Committee on Sick & Visitation

Glenn Henry, P.M., Richard King,

Committee on Widows

Andrew C. Mull

Committee on Membership Retention

Bruce H. Jackson, P.M., Joe LoCurto, Frank Roschel

Representative to the Youth Foundation

Andrew Mull

District Deputy Grand Master | Larry A. Derr, P.M.,D.D.G.M.

Principal Instructor – First Masonic District School of Instruction | Ronald B. Carson P.M.

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