About Lodge No. 496

A Real Mason

All Masons are not members of a lodge, nor are all lodge members real Masons.

A real Mason never talks about what the world owes him, the happiness he deserves, the chance he ought to have. All that he claims is the right to live and play the Man.

A real Mason is dependable. His simple word is as good as his bible oath, and he does a little more than he promises. He is just as honest in the dark, in his own room, as he is in Public. A real Mason does not want something for nothing, nor does he want pulls, tips, favors; he wants work and honest wages. He treats his fellowmen as he would have them treat him.

A real Mason is loyal to his friend and guards his reputation as his own. A real Mason honors a woman, any woman. He cannot hurt a woman physically or morally.

A real Mason minds his own business. He does not judge other people or speak unkindly of them. He always has excuses for others, never for himself. He is patient and charitable to them; to himself he is strict. A real Mason is glad to live and not afraid to die. He is a real man; the finest, best, noblest, and most refreshing thing on all the green earth, unless it is a real woman.

Masonic Club Journal.

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